Matthew Muench

Founder & CEO

Matt-Muench-LA-Limousine-Los-Angeles-Limo-ServiceMatt Muench was born and raised in West Orange, New Jersey, a blue-collar town humbly perched within eyesight of the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan. After High School, Matt, a natural born performer, decided to pursue his passion for the performing arts and moved into the heart of that imposing city to study theater. Two years later, he carried his dream westward to Los Angeles where his quick wit and talent found outlet in voice-over character work and made him a standout in improvisation troupes, such as the esteemed L.A. Comedy Connection.

Like most transplanted young artists, Matt had to find outside employment to sustain him-self. Unlike most young transplants, Matt was determined to find a job where he could help people and make a difference in both individual lives and the community as a whole. Matt used the determination and persistence he learned from being an accomplished Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America since the age of seventeen. He became a certified Emergency Medical Technician or “EMT.” It was during his years as an EMT that Matt became intimately acquainted with the various geographies and cultures of his adopted city. Most importantly, he learned how to care for and anticipate the needs of people who often desperately needed it. The well-being of those he was charged with transporting was a responsibility he took very seriously.

With years of experience driving throughout the county of Los Angeles as an EMT, finding employment as a chauffeur was an easy transition. It wasn’t long before clients, drawn by his good-natured personality, attention to detail, and intuitive anticipation of their needs, began to specifically request him. Matt studied the business, learned what works, what doesn’t, and what he can improve upon to create an even more attractive limousine experience. Finally, he decided the time had come to combine his hands-on education, tenacious work ethic, and unique customer service intuition to offer the city of Los Angeles a new vibrant limousine service -Angel City Limo.