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We hired Angel City Limo to bring us to the event, and they were awesome! I could not have asked for a better experience."
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I had the pleasure of hiring Angel City Limo not once but twice and both times they did not disappoint. Both times were for family Quinceneras and they went above and beyond to satisfy our every demand.

Best Car Service Los Angeles

Car service in Los Angeles is a perfect car solution for people on the go. Where life is fast-paced, car services provide a fast-paced solution that is reliable, efficient, and time-saving. At Angel City Limo, we give our clients the peace of mind to travel without having to worry about “how.”

The idea behind this is to create a private car service in Los Angeles that goes above and beyond just a pick-and-drop service. We want our customers to feel the big difference when they travel by the best  car service in Los Angeles – Angel City Limo.

Make an Impression – Ride in Style.

Be greeted by a professional chauffeur, get treated like the VIP that you are, and enjoy a smooth ride from your pick-up to your destination. Imagine all the heads turning around to see who is stepping out of that classy car. Now imagine their awe as your chauffeur opens the door for you and you step outside the car like a glamorous VIP.

That’s the kind of impression we want you to make, by riding in Angel City Limo Style.

Why is car service in Los Angeles best for you?

Corporate and Business Travel.

Many work portfolios require constant traveling. Maybe you are a businessman who has a lineup of back-to-back meetings. Whether it’s a client or potential investor entertainment, or just a corporate night out, we’ve got your back. You need a professional chauffeur service and waiting for an Uber to pick you up seems out of question especially in a city like LA? Give us a call and experience the superb service ACL has to offer.

Chauffeur Service Los Angeles

Booking a chauffeur service in Los Angeles seems like the only best option when going to a wedding, a prom, date night, or a corporate dinner. You certainly can’t expect yourself to stand by the road waiting for a cab in that wondrous prom gown.

Planned Events, Series of Meetings, or Sightseeing.

Head out for a day of planned events or have a series of meetings, you wouldn’t want to stand by the curb each time, waiting for a cab. Or if you have a full day planned for sightseeing in Los Angeles, then booking a car service in Los Angeles is the best option.

With our reliable chauffeur car service, you keep up with your travel plans in Los Angeles. 

Los Angeles is a city known for its filming industry. The iconic Hollywood sign is an attraction but a bigger attraction for movie lovers is a chance to see a behind-the-scenes tour offered by production houses. Los Angeles is a hub for entertainment for all age groups with different interests.

– Use our car service to go to Disneyland. Famous for 8 themed lands it us the most fun place for quality family time.

– The Huntington Library, Art Museum & Botanical Gardens – For solo trips or couples.

– Griffith Observatory – Recreational trip with learning.

– Santa Monica Pier – Perfect for food lovers & fun for everybody.

– Los Angeles County Museum of Art – An evening of pleasure with Jazz music.

What Makes Us the Best Car Service in Los Angeles?

Easy Online Booking.

Booking a private car in Los Angeles with Angel City Limo is easy and anyone can do it. You simply go to our website, Click on the Get Instant Rates button at the top right corner and book your ride in under 2 minutes. That’s seriously all. You will receive an email notification along with your itinerary. At any given point, you can call us and our customer representative will gladly help you out.

On-Time Service Guaranteed.

To be on the safe side, our cars arrive 15 minutes ahead of the pickup time. This eliminates any unnecessary anxiety for the customers and keeps them on-schedule.

Professional Chauffeurs.

We do not have drivers; we have professional chauffeurs. What’s the difference? A driver merely picks you up from point A and drops you off at point B. A chauffeur on the other hand provides a service that goes above and beyond to meet all your needs. Our professional chauffeurs are reliable, well-trained, and are experts on the road. Pickup at LAX airport is a super smooth experience with them. 

Speaking of chauffeurs; we want to brag about how super customer-friendly they are. From handling your luggage to making sure that your toddler is safely secured in the car seat – they do it all with a genuine smile.

Service Like No Other

At Angel City Limo, we take you wherever you want and whenever you want. We believe your traveling experience should be on-time, luxurious, and efficient. Simple as that. When you ride with us, we provide you with VIP service! Our friendly customer service allows customers to feel like they are asking a friend for a pick-up. This allows us to create a relationship with our customers for a service they can always come back to. 

We value comfort and reliability above everything. So, when you book a car service in Los Angeles with us, we take every measure to make it as pleasant and memorable as possible. That starts right at the moment you book us. On the web, by email or by phone we are here 24/7 to make your day a little hassle-free one ride at time.


Angel City Limo Team