A Los Angeles Limo Service Here to Stay

Angel City Limo began as an LA luxury Car Service offered only in private to celebrities such as athletes in the NFL and NBA.  Catering to a select group of actors, models and performers in the entertainment industry here in Hollywood, CA.  Now we're a full on Ground Transport Company.

Angel City Limo does not consider itself merely an A to B LA Car Service, but rather a “Concierge on Wheels.”  Most other Limo Services in LA claim to offer a uniquely superior Ground Transportation experience that separates them from the pack but they do not elaborate or point to any specifics about what it is that sets them apart. We at Angel City Limo take pride in our “Concierge on Wheels” title, and have good reason for its assertion. Our Los Angeles Limousine fleet is meticulously cleaned, loved and well maintained. LA Luxury Transportation that is anticipatory rather than reactive to give passengers a personalized experience being chauffeured around with a Limo in LA.

Many Car Services in LA claim to offer a comfortable ride, and indeed, comfortable seats are not difficult to find, but Angel City Limo goes further than merely providing a trip free of discomfort; we strive to anticipate, provide for, and adapt to the needs and wants of each and every client. Each of our LA Limos comes with a free Internet hot spot (upon request.)  We have assorted beverages and snacks as well as different car chargers for nearly all electronic devices. Some other items include, tissues, lotion, hand sanitizer, water, umbrellas, mp3/aux cables, XM Satellite Radio, DVD players, cough drops, gum, mints and much more!  Allow our booking represenatives to ensure we have done our best to help you organize all the Luxury Transportation needs you have, while delivering a Los Angeles Limousine experience you will want again and again.

Other LA Limo Companies proudly boast they will be punctual and efficient, but we believe our customers deserve more than the assurance that your driver will not be incompetent. Founder and Head of Operations, Matt Muench spent years as a Chauffeur himself, observing first-hand how to best serve passengers and where traditional LA Limo Services fail.

The idea of providing exceptional and attentive service is so important to Matt that he often takes a hands-on approach and chauffeurs clients himself.  It is with this principle in mind that our Chauffeurs are specifically selected, trained, and equipped to provide the best quality Limo Service in Los Angeles.  Like a high end concierge, all our drivers are friendly and experienced, courteous and professional. Through their own knowledge and understanding of the city and with the aid of the latest technology, they can find flight and hotel information, recommend popular or off the beaten path restaurants and nightlife, and coordinate your itinerary. It is commonly accepted that trips and schedules seldom go according to plan, so our drivers are prepared to expertly and smoothly handle any and all unforeseen variables which may arise.  Angel City Limo understands that we are only as good as our worst driver, therefor we do everything we are capable of to remain a Top LA Limo Company.

At Angel City Limo the privacy of our clients and their personal information is just as important as providing the highest levels of service – making sure you get to your destination promptly, safely and comfortably. We treat ALL information you give us as strictly confidential.  We do not sell lists of contact information of any kind, or let other companies solicit you in any way.  The Chauffeurs understand how important it is that any conversation that may or may not be happening in the back of a Limo in LA is strictly for the passengers taking only.  We will never give out customer information to anyone without the customer’s expressed written consent.  All payment information including personal or company debit/credit cards are locked tightly from hackers in our Limo Operations System.  We value our customer’s privacy and recognize the trust you place with us.  As a Premier Limo Service in LA, Angel City Limo is committed to protecting your personal data and adheres to the highest ethical standards in processing that data and keeping all of our client’s personal information confidential.

LA Limo Reviews

“I was looking… searching… for at least ONE Limo Company in LA to not screw me over like I have been in the past.  I’ve had companies show up late, show up in vehicles smaller than our group could accommodate (smaller than what we ordered too) and my personal favorite… Just a no call no show.  I figured I was either extremeley unlucky or every LA Limo Company was just offering nothing but crap.  My luck hadn’t run out yet, because in came Angel City Limo who on my first try not only showed up on time but also offered us a complimentary upgrade to a much pricier vehicle from what we payed for.  Absolute best LA Limo experience ever!”

Jose M.

(Jose uses Angel City Limo for New Years Eve)