Hourly As-Directed Service

Hourly As-Directed Limousine Service in Los Angeles

Straight to the point, booking any Houlry As-Directed Service in LA will give the passenger all the power.  Just direct the Chauffeur and the LA Limo to go as you please riding with Angel City Limo.

Book a Los Angeles Limousine by the Hour

When you are not doing a specific One-Way Transfer to the Airport and have a ton of different stops you need to take the LA Limo to, try our Hourly As-Directed Limo Service in LAAngel City Limo will set you up in a Luxury Vehicle of your choosing and take you where ever you would like while on the clock.  You can have an itinerary with all the stops pre-planned and entered into the system with your original reservation to smoothen the experience of Renting a Limo in LA.  Otherwise, just feel free to be spontaneous with booking an LA Limo and direct your Chauffeur the day of the Limo Ride in Los Angeles.  This is the Best Limo Service option to give you the maximum amount of freedom and keep your Chauffeur at your beck and call.  Before receiving a confirmation email from a reservation specialist, you will have an agreed upon all inclusive hourly rate, no hidden fees.  Expect unlimited mileage and unlimited stops within the county/city you need Luxury Transportation in.  Let’s start the clock together, as Angel City Limo will happily give you the LA Limo Hourly Service you truly deserve!

LA Limo Reviews

“I’ve been booking Car Service with Angel City Limo for years now.  I really like your cars, specifically the Lincoln MKT luxury sedan and Suburban luxury SUV.  Every time my Chauffeur Leon is early and keeps me posted with great communication on ETAs for each pickup.  Best Limo Service in LA, mainly I got tired of paying hourly rates with another LA Limo Company we used to use, charging a ton of hidden fees after the expected hourly rate.  Thanks again Angel City Limo, we honestly always appreciate your help when it comes to Black Car Service in LA!”

-Ron M.

(Ron uses Angel City Limo for Hourly As-Directed Service)