Inter City Transports

Long Distance Transportation with LA Limo Service

For a Long Journey, some don't intend to fly to the nearby major cities, for whatever their reason.  Angel City Limo is happy to help when it comes to Long Distance Luxury Transports.

Long Distance Luxury Ground Transportation

For whatever the reason some may not desire to choose traditional long-distance travel methods such as planes and trains.  Let Angel City Limo put together comfortable Luxury Transportation options for you. For small groups consider LA Luxury Black Car Service or if the group is large try one of the big Coach Buses out of LA.  This is certainly a different way of renting Limos in LA with traditional Point to Point Transfers.  However, remaining on cruise control is our ability to offer top level LA Limo Service, go Angel City Limo… all the way!

Not that long of a drive, but let Angel City Limo do it for you.  Whether starting or finishing in our nearby major city of San Diego, consider a Los Angeles Limousine Company to handle the Transport for you.  Moving a big group of passengers in a Luxury Mini Bus from LAX to the San Diego Convention Center, no problem.  Taking the family towards Lego land or the San Diego Zoo for the day, use an LA Limo for the round trip.  There is so much to enjoy about San Diego, so no matter which Luxury Vehicle in LA you choose for the ride, count on Angel City Limo to get you up and down the coast with ease, comfort and professionalism thanks to your Chauffeur.

A trip to the desert with Angel City Limo is a real treat and a half!  Approximately 110 Miles east of Los Angeles, Palm Springs is an excellent quick get away from the busting city of Angels.  Many people partake in the Coachella Music Festival and we can offer Luxury Ground Transportation in a Los Angeles Limousine to go all the way to Indio, CA.  Tell your Chauffeur to stop by one of the Indian Casinos on the way there to test your luck!  Just like most long distance transports leaving LA, we always recommend trying to avoid a departure on Friday at Rush Hour.  For the best results, Rent a Limo in LA with Angel City Limo and enjoy mimosas as you cruise your way to and from the desert city of Palm Springs.

Vegas Baby Vegas!  Booking a Los Angeles Limousine to ride all the way to Vegas is a classic tale for Angel City Limo clients abroad.  Flying will barely save you any time between the traffic to LAX, the bag check time, the security time, the boarding time, the flight time, the gate time at LAS and the ground transportation time from there to the strip.  Not only is this more convenient but it’s a heck of a lot more fun riding To Vegas in a Limo.  Use Angel City Limo as your Concierge on Wheels to plan a fun trip, while we handle the Luxury Transportation from LA to Vegas.  Where ever your drop off is in Nevada, get there in style in an LA Limo as the party begins before even seeing the bright lights.

Rent a Los Angeles Limousine to ride all the way from LA to the Bay.  Book a round trip for the best possible rates or just go one way if the next destination beyond San Francisco will not be Los Angeles.  The faster route is the 5 freeway (Around 6 Hours) through the Central California farmlands.  The more memorable option, is the scenic route (pricier and longer but way worth it) riding all the way up the Pacific Coast Highway for 9 Hours in an LA Limo with a friendly personal Chauffeur.  Angel City Limo is well aware of different clients that have different needs, know that there is nothing we can’t do for you as a Premier LA Limo Service.  Available are Buses for large groups to San Francisco or basic Luxury Car Service out of Los Angeles.  Just expect the drive and fleet list to be long but then esperience why the list of complaints on our Inter City Transportation Service to San Francisco is nice and short.

We spend most our daily business lives plugged into the Matrix, in a city like Los Angeles.  However, not too far away in California awaits the real natural wonder of Yosemite.  Certainly one of the greatest National Parks in the USA and even beyond globally!  Huge waterfalls, massively tall cliffs, towering trees and so much to explore as you’re being driven around the park in by a Chauffeur in an Escalade.  Take a larger group to Yosemite in a Mercedes Sprinter Van, we have corporate or Limo styles to choose from.  Simply passing through LA and SF does not mean you have seen the REAL California!  Luxury Ground Transportation in LA with Angel city Limo will take you on the 6 hour magical journey into the heart of Yosemite Valley.

LA Limo Reviews

“This was our chance to visit the United States for the very first time, and we had a weird travel decision we needed to make.  Wait 13 hours overnight at LAX for our next possible flight to SFO the following early morning… or… ride with Angel City Limo along the PCH in a Cadillac Escalade ESV (Great trunk for my Wife who is a very heavy packer, Bless her heavy heart.)  We contacted Angel City Limo to help us get started with Long Distance Luxury Transportion to San Francisco.  Starting early to enjoy some of the lovely views before the sunset on the coast.  Our Chauffeur Matt made this such a memorable experience, showing us all the great spots to take beautiful pictures.  I’m so glad we chose this LA Limo route up north as we explored California for our first time.  Thanks Matt!”

-Amir S.

(Amir Uses Angel City Limo for Inter City Transports)