Ground Transportation Services

Los Angeles Limousine Service and all other LA Luxury Ground Transportation Services

Angel City Limo offers many different Ground Transportation Services in Los Angeles and beyond.  We are certainly capable when handling Enterprise Accounts on a national stage.  Not forgetting the local favorites such as LA Birthday Limos, Limos for Proms, Bachelor/Bachelorette LA Party Buses, Wedding Limousines in Los Angeles and other occasions.

Looking to travel to and/or from your local airport but not looking to drive yourself, ask a friend or use a fishy TNC ride-sharing company?  We can assist you in any and all airport pickups and drop off that your travel itinerary might include.  As well as, help you with transportation in the city you will be traveling to, making it much easier and faster overall.  Always a very quick easy process from the quote, to the reservation, to pick up.  Take advantage of our Round Trip discounts when you make a complete round trip reservation in the same booking.  If you have a large company and would like to save even more, establish a corporate account with us so we can ensure all your guests are taken care of.  The more your company rides, the more you save.

Have peace of mind knowing that you already pre-scheduled a luxury vehicle and a professional driver to be waiting for you soon as your flight lands.  We have the latest flight tracking technology both being watched at the dispatch office and right into the driver’s hands via their smartphone.  If you come in super early your chauffeur may already be standing by and prepared to greet you sooner.  Should your flight be delayed, do not worry as you will not be charged any wait time for this uncontrollable inconvenience.  Your reservation will always remain intact as long as you are still arriving at the same airport on the same day.  You will receive a text message from Dispatch and/or your specific chauffeur the day of the ride with all the necessary contact info to make the connection once you reach the terminal baggage claim even easier.  Look for your name sign as your chauffeur will be waiting to assist you with any bags you might have before escorting you to the car just outside.  Why deal with the hassle of waiting in a long taxi line, extending your travel time with a shuttle service or hoping to god your ride share will smoothly pick you up at the curb with no extra unprofessional mistakes or errors.  This is by far the best option you have to ensure timeliness, comfort, and peace of mind.

Great for those moments when it is so early in the morning that you would like to catch some extra sleep in the car before your flight. Also nice when traveling to a distant location to start your much-needed vacation without sacrificing luxury for luggage room, we can cover that. Whether you travel light choosing to leave in a standard luxury sedan, roll deep with a big group with lots of luggage or want to make more of a memory getting dropped off in a fancy limousine. When you are leaving town we will take you safely straight to the curbside at your desired terminal/airlines. Your chauffeur will be happy help you with your bags, find you a skycap and wish you a safe flight on your journey away. Start your journey on the ground with us.

The most basic method of transportation can be provided getting you from one point to the next. This is great for when you are looking to set up a one way ride within the same city. If you do not need a vehicle or chauffeur on stand by to return you to the original point this is the way to go. Confidently know that with Angel City Limo you will have a professional chauffeur in a very clean vehicle, show up on time and get you to your destination of choice safe and sound.

Tired of all your travel destinations involving an airplane, train, bus or car… book a cruise! We would be happy to help you kick off your awesome water filled vacation by taking you straight to the port, no hassle. Forget driving there yourself and worrying about parking costs and security of your vehicle while you are floating on the seas abroad. Let our chauffeur hand your luggage straight from the trunk to the porter, just get your passport out and get ready for your awesome cruise adventure to begin! Have the peace of mind once you return that we will be ready waiting for you, to help with your bags and drive you onto your next destination with the comfort of not having to instantly battle traffic yourself. Book yourself a cruise, it’s truly an amazing vacation… we wish we could come too!

Too much work and not enough play? Take a Night out on the town with Angel City Limo and ensure yourself a safe, fun and memorable way to celebrate your night out! Have the same car and chauffeur with you all night as you take on the nightlife of the city. Whether it’s an all-out party with friends in a party bus, a celebration with family in a stretch limo or a romantic night out for two in an intimate car, we’ve got you covered. Travel from restaurant to lounge and/or bar to the club without the concern of parking, valet, DUI’s or getting home safe. Don’t leave your safety and style up to chance with a taxi, metro bus or rideshare app. Rolling out at night with Angel City Limo, your chauffeur is always just a text or a call away in a vehicle of your choice.

There is no better way to explore some of the best bars around, than with our Pub Crawls. Why crawl on your hands and knees to each bar when you can let our luxurious vehicles and chauffeurs do it for you. Receive an itinerary of bars and lounges from our office team or just follow the recommendations from your Concierge on Wheels the day of the ride. Check out breweries, dive bars, sexy lounges, dance clubs and more. Just make sure you come thirsty for some great drinks and a night of exploring a new version of nightlife you won’t soon forget. Eliminate the worry of getting a DUI by letting Angel City Limo be your designated driver, and look forward to a safe, fun, entertaining night out. You keep the drinks pouring and we keep the wheels rolling.

It’s Prom… I mean Cmon guys… Limos were practically invented for Proms!

Whatever your belief system may be, this is certainly not the most routine ride amongst family and friends. A time of great pain for some that need to let go of someone way too soon. Possibly a great celebration of how wonderful a loved one’s life was and you look forward to where their spirit goes next. Either way, expect Angel City to provide safe, comfortable and professional transportation in these sensitive times. Drivers have experience dealing with a carcade and the police if you have a large group of cars headed to a cemetery. All we want to do in this moment is help make your life easier and handle some of the stress in planning such an important moment in life. Let us honor the deceased with the best possible service we can ensuring all that special chance to pay their respects.

It only happens once a year, a chance to make a memory to celebrate that special first day of our lives.  Whether it is for yourself or someone you hold dear to you, Angel City Limo will work together with you to make a birthday celebration to remember.  We can simply put you in a luxury sedan or SUV to take you to your favorite restaurant in town.  If going big or going home is more your style, we can pack you with all your family and friends in a Limo as you sip drinks, jam to your favorite music and cruise around town randomly stopping wherever you choose.  With big wacky vehicles available for the kids and cozy luxurious choices for the adults, there are many choices.  This year try something new and let Angel City Limo help you design the birthday of a lifetime!

This could arguably be one of the most important days of anyone’s life, the moment we decide on a partner and lover to share the rest of our lives with. These events are no easy undertaking to plan whether it is for yourself or someone else you are assisting. Let Angel City Limo relieve you of all the stress with transportation and set you up in style on this all but the ordinary day. From organizing car service to and from the airport for the distant relatives flying into town, huge people movers traveling from the ceremony to the reception or the sexy private ride home in a limousine as the Bride and Groom begin their new life together. There is a ton of planning that can go into the perfect wedding and we are happy to assist you in any way we can!

Who parties harder the Men, the Women or Everyone in between?  We have been trying to decide for years now, please choose Angel City Limo to help you party and to help us decide who does it best!  No matter how big or small your group, with many different vehicles to choose from and a safe, sober chauffeur as your professional escort, we are your wisest choice.  The convenience of having an ice bar while traveling to and from each location is a lovely treat to keep the party primed.  Speak with your booking Agent to design an awesome night on the town if you are having a hard time coming up with ideas yourself.  We’ve seen the Groomsmen hit up the most popping Strip Club in town and the Bridesmaids sip on penis straws over countless cocktails.  Start the Bachelor or Bachelorette party of your dreams with us and end with a great time!

What better way to celebrate this fiesta and milestone for your daughter’s big Birthday transitioning from childhood to Womanhood!  The bigger the better, we can accommodate the whole party (Yes the parents and other adults can have fun too) in one of our large Stretch SUV Limos or Party Buses.  With complete flexibility with your chauffeur, there is no telling where you will take this party next.  The only thing we do know is this is too special of a moment in a young woman’s life to simply let slip by into the routine.  Don’t celebrate this moment with routine, get yourself a limousine!

Who doesn’t like the excitement of arriving in a brand new city with all the adventure of exploration just lying right in front of you?  If you’re looking to tour the city, see the sights, learn many new things and do it all with the comfort and convenience of being in a luxury vehicle. We have specific chauffeurs and tour guides who are anxiously waiting to show you all the hot spots and give you a full organized tour based on the allotted time you have to spend. No matter which city you are in either Hollywood, Waikiki, Oakland or beyond!  Start a city tour in whichever vehicle you will need based on the size and preferences of your group.  Angel City Limo using cars, SUVs, Vans, Limousines, and Buses will be happy to design a custom city tour suited just for you.

Now, this is cool, someone’s brain just got much bigger!  Graduation is a big deal whether it’s for High Schol, Under Grad, Graduate, Masters or Doctorate.  We know it was no easy journey making it to this point with a ton of learning, study, and endless hard work.  Well before you take it to the next step, this is time to enjoy life and your accomplishments.  Toss that hat in the air and have a limo waiting for you right outside the school ready to help you get the party started.  Congrats on this Graduate, you deserved every bit of it!

It’s that time to go get your dance on and your sing on at the next big concert in town! If you’ve already got your tickets to your favorite artist, band or other music groups, chose us to get you there and back in style. Most concerts will have a fury of traffic and parking issues at the event location itself. From the small venues to the sporting arenas all the way to the mega football fields, we’ve got your transportation covered. For this specific type of event we highly recommend booking an hourly car so your same chauffeur can easily scoop you up after the event or whenever you feel like leaving. This will give you more room to be spontaneous, have a few drinks and let us be responsible for the night. Play the track in our stereo system to get warmed up for the Concert, time to rock and limo roll!

The clock is running out and he takes a shot for the three!  Maybe you’re hoping for a ride to the local football game to tailgate, see some touchdowns and scream your lungs out.  Enjoy our American past time soaking up some sun and practicing your foul ball catch.  Cool things off in the ice arena if you are looking to see some smash mouth action in Hockey.  Basketball, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Olympics…the list goes on and on.  Who knows where your competitive spectator spirit might take you next, but let us be the service to get you there and back safely.  No matter which sport is your favorite, when choosing Angel City to cover your next big game transportation, you’re sure to score some points!

Should you need emergency transport, dial 9-1-1. However, for non-emergency luxury transport we can be there for you. Some of our Chauffeurs are current or retired EMT’s and combined with a comfortable vehicle, there is no better way to get to and from a medical appointment. This can sometimes be a great moment of stress in your life, we would be happy to eliminate as much of that as possible on the logistical side. You may be recovering from surgery and won’t feel safe operating a vehicle on your own. Most Doctors and Nurses will never recommend you drive yourself after most important medical procedures. We can also step in if you are hoping to keep discreet before and after plastic surgery or other personally sensitive appointments. Have peace of mind with our confidentiality agreements knowing that between your booking agent and the chauffeur the day of your ride, honoring HIPPA laws ensuring your information is kept safe, secret and private with us. Whatever your medical needs, you can count on Angel City Limo to be there for you both physically and emotionally to and from your medical appointments.

You design the Event, we help you get it done!  Get it, Got it, Good!

When you are not doing a specific one-way transfer to the airport and have a ton of stops you need to attend to, try our Hourly as-directed service.  Angel City Limo will set you up in a vehicle of your choosing and take you where ever you would like.  Whether you have an itinerary pre-planned and entered into the system with your original reservation or just want to direct your chauffeur the day of the ride.  This is the best option to give you the maximum amount of freedom and keep your driver at your beck and call.  With an agreed upon all inclusive hourly rate, you can expect unlimited mileage and unlimited stops within the county/city you need transport in.

For whatever the reason you may not desire to choose traditional long-distance travel methods such as planes and trains.  Let us put together a comfortable ground transportation option for you.  If the group is small consider our car service or if the group is large try one of the big Luxury Coach Buses.  This is certainly a different way of doing things but one thing remains, our high level of service.   Angel City… all the way!

If you are planning an event either corporate or party mode, allow us to assist you in shuttling your guests back and forth from point A to point B.  This service can be offered in any vehicle of your choice with either one Mini Bus or a convoy of SUVs.  You can design the type of shuttle service you will need and we will be happy to be there for you in the planning process.  This is a great way to get a huge bang for your buck when you want to move large groups of people but have the time for a vehicle to return to pick up the next group.  Once you shuttle with us, we can assure you a return trip will be expected soon!

Allow us to help you and your company in planning top of the line strategies to take care of all transportation needs.  We will be with you every step of the way ensuring easy communication for any updates or modifications your team might have.  The more accounts and trips you establish the more you and your company will save on the travel budget.  We know professionalism is a must and timing is crucial, so trust us to get every job done right.  Don’t leave this type of important travel up to each individual booking ride shares.  Maybe you need an executive meet and greet at the airport or need to transport a large group of clients in a coach bus for an event.  With Angel City, we can establish a strong business relationship helping you no matter how big the travel group or how large the demands from your company.

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