LA Pub Crawls

LA Pub Crawl Limo in a Non-Sober City of Los Angeles

Start an LA Pub Crawl with Angel City Limo, and Complimentary Bar Service between each bar.  Book a Los Angeles Limousine in order to add sexy Luxury to your drunken Pub Crawl in LA.

Luxurious Pub Crawl Transportation in LA

There is no better way to explore some of the best bars around Los Angeles, than with our Pub Crawls in a Limo.  Why crawl on your drunken hands and knees to each bar when you can let our Luxurious Vehicles and Chauffeurs do it for you.  Receive an itinerary of bars and lounges from our office team or just follow the recommendations from your Concierge on Wheels the day of the ride/crawl.  Check out breweries, dive bars, sexy lounges, dance clubs and more.  Just make sure you come thirsty for some great drinks and a night of exploring a new version of nightlife you won’t soon forget. When riding in a Los Angeles Limousine, you eliminate the worry of getting a DUI by letting Angel City Limo be your designated driver.  After Booking a Limo all that remains is to look forward to a safe, fun, entertaining night out.  Chose the Best LA Limo fit for your group so that you keep the drinks pouring and we keep the wheels rolling during the whole Pub Crawl.

A few favorite places in LA to take you for a drink!

There are few places in Los Angeles with a rooftop view like the Standard Downtown.  Let us drop you off right outside the hotel so you can avoid the Valet Guys and all the other hassles of parking in Downtown.  As your Chauffeur stands by around the block in a Los Angeles Limousine as the whole gang can enjoy cocktails on the rooftop surrounded by the biggest Skyscrapers in the West Coast.  Be sure to relax on their water beds or pack a swimsuit in case you plan on taking a swim in the pool, before returning to your LA Limo downstairs

Old school Irish Pub style bar located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.  Let your Chauffeur drop you off in the LA Limo of your choosing as you step downstairs into one heck of a good time.  As someone grabs a pitcher of beer the rest of the group can enjoy a series of fun games like ping pong, billiards, darts, pin ball and more!  Fair priced drinks and a bar full of random activities between Live Music or Public Painting Nights, there is no limit to the amount of fun that can be had with an LA Pub Crawl involving Casey’s Irish Pub and a Los Angeles Limousine on Standby with Angel City Limo.

We are truly obsessed with Rooftop Bars in LA at Angel City Limo and the lovely ACE Hotel only adds to that obsession.  Enjoy a cold tasty beverage as you watch the sun setting over the LA Skyline to the west.  After your LA Limo drops you off outside the front of the ACE Hotel, take the elevator to the one of the Best Rooftop Bars in LA.  Here you can enjoy a bar fully equipped with all of the mixologist skills and cool copper cups that any LA hipster would fantasize over.  Some nights there will be a Live LA DJ playing bumping tunes near the cozy fireplace as the other side of the roof hosts a large public Jacuzzi overlooking the LA Skyline.  When on an LA Pub Crawl in a Los Angeles Limousine stopping by the ACE Hotel is an absolute must to maximize the best of times!

We know how to get into this really cool speak easy in Korea Town… but do you?  Lock and Key has a very classy and sexy interior with some of the best bartenders Los Angeles has to offer.  Ask our Concierge exactly what it is that’s so secret about this LA Speakeasy.  Riding around K-Town might not be the first thing on your mind, but after cruising up in a Los Angeles Limousine with the gang, you’ll surely soon understand why Lock and Key is being included in an LA Pub Crawl.

The next best thing to hopping a flight to Havana, Cuba out of LAX is an LA Pub Crawl stopping by La Descarga in Hollywood.  We love a good Speak Easy, but it’s safe to say La Descarga takes it to another level!  This place only takes early reservations made in advance if you plan to visit on a Friday or Saturday night during your LA Pub Crawl.  After stepping out of your LA Limo, pass the bouncer, up the stairs and into an entirely different world you never thought could possibly exist in Los Angeles.  No LA Pub Crawl is complete with out a stop by La Descarga, in a Los Angeles Limousine with Angel City Limo!

*This Angel City Brewery is not owned by Angel City Limo but is extremely loved by us and all of our clients who partake in a LA Pub Crawl here.  Tucked in the back of the Downtown LA Arts District, this massive home grown Los Angeles Brewery has a ton of tasty local flavors for all the beer lovers out there.  Take yourr time

LA Limo Reviews

“Me and the Fellas went on an Epic Pub Crawl with Angel City Limo called Battle for LA.  Yo… where do I start?  There were Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies and endless amounts of booze involved.  Not only did we hop from one great bar to another all over Los Angeles, but we did it in a sick Mercedes Sprinter Limo.  We competed in different scavenger hunts, physical challenges and other crazy drinking games.  The winner gets to ride in the Limo with a Full Bar, the losers… had to hop in the back of the SUV (which was still realy nice.)  I don’t know if my gang will ever be able to top this one, so when it comes to Pub Crawls in a Limo in LA I know I’ll be calling Angel City Limo first for this one.  SO MUCH FUN!!!


-Steve G.

(Uses Angel City Limo for Battle for LA Pub Crawls.)