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Los Angeles Limousine Rentals for all Sporting Events in LA

Enjoy Luxury Transportation in an LA Limo both to and from your favorite local Sporting Event.  When choosing the Best LA Limo Service, team Angel City Limo will be a Touchdown, Goal, Home Run and a Slamdunk all in one!

Luxury Transportation Service for Sports in LA

The clock is running out and he takes a shot for the three!  Go in a Los Angeles Limousine to enjoy all the points being scored by both our LA Lakers and LA Clippers during an NBA game at the Staples Center.  Maybe you’re planning for an LA Limo Ride to the local NFL football game to tailgate, see some touchdowns and scream your lungs out at Stub Hub Center.  Enjoy the Best Limo Service in LA, as we take you to have fun at our American MLB past time to soak up some sun, eating Dodger Dogs and practicing your foul ball catch at Dodger Stadium.  Cool things off in the ice arena if you are looking to see some smash mouth LA Kings action with Hockey in the Staples Center as your Chauffeur with Angel City Limo is on Standby.  Lets not forget the importance of booking a Los Angeles Limousine to the mega College Football Championship every year at the Rose Bowl.  Between Basketball, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, or the Olympics in 2024… the list goes on and on.  Who knows where your competitive spectator spirit might take you next, but let Angel City Limo be the LA Limo Service of choice to get you there and back safely.  No matter which sport is your favorite, when choosing Angel City Limo to cover your next Sports Event Transportation, you’re sure to score some points riding in a Limo in LA with us!

Welcome to Dodger Baseball!  Ride in a Los Angeles Limousine to go see the LA Dodgers hit Home Runs on their way back to the World Series.  Traveling in and out of Dodger Stadium between traffic and parking can turn into a real headache driving on your own.  Ride Share services like UBER will be chaotic and full of Surge Pricing as the game ends with everyone in the stadium sharing the same idea.  Using Angel City Limo however is a real treat as your Chauffeur handles everything for you pre-game taking you as close to the Stadium Entrance as possible, then getting you out of there faster than anyone else at the end.  There is a designated VIP parking lot at Dodger Stadium made just for LA Limo Services to stand by as you enjoy the game, with your Chauffeur prepared to escort you out as soon as the game is over.  Nothing is better than having a Los Angeles Limo with a complimentary ice bar on board, ensuring that after the Dodgers win, you can keep the party going past the last inning.

Go see the recently returned Los Angeles Rams and the new LA Chargers play football.  If the NFL is not your cup of beer, then come to see the LA Galaxy score Goooooaaaaallllllls in an MLS Soccer (“football”) match.  All this sports action and more is happening at the local Stub Hub Center, in our back yard of Downtown LA!  Most sports games here are happening during the day time, so there is no reason to wrap up the fun when the game is over.  With a Chauffeur in a Los Angeles Limousine ready to help celebrate a victory, you can’t go wrong.  Drinking and Driving should not be a practiced play or an audible called on game day.  Instead, substitute Angel City Limo to join the game.  Adding this Luxury Transportation to your play book will guarantee everyone on the LA Limo team a fun filled, DUI free time!

Tickets to a game at Staples Center located in LA Live is always a hot commodity that all Angelinos and tourists are after all the time.  Watch the world famous LA Lakers or LA Clippers compete on the court in the NBA, while the LA Kings hold it down on the ice in the NHL.  Los Angeles is a city of champions, but with Angel City Limo on your team you have a chance to be LEGENDARY.  As the Best LA Limo Service it is our job to have the whole gang dropped off as close to the Staples Center Arena entrance as possible.  The LAPD will be sure to crack down on Drunk Drivers after the game, issuing you way more than a major penalty only resulting in 5 minutes off the road.  Kobe Bryant didn’t arrive to the Staples Center via MTA, UBER or driving himself… choose a VIP Limo in LA, be a Legend with Angel City Limo, be like Kobe.

College Game Day… The Rose Bowl… the Granddady of them all!  The locals will know this lovely stadium as being home to the UCLA Bruins, among many other awesome events that having a Los Angeles Limousine would be ideal for.  However, it’s guranteed that at least once a year, on New Year’s Day, the biggest College Championship Game will take place here in Southern California at the famous Rose Bowl.  Booking Luxury Transportation way in advance is highly recommended if attending the Rose Bowl game.  Tailgating is an absolute must, and the only thing cooler than passing around a bunch of ice cold brews to your buds, is doing that with an LA Party Bus.  It’s always a good play call for the smaller groups visiting the Rose Bowl Sporting Events to atleast consider Luxury Car Service.  The LA Limo pass is required to enter the police barricades at the Rose Bowl, allowing the Angel City Limo group to park much closer to the VIP entrance for the Stadium.   After the game, your Chauffeur handles all the stress with the massive amounts of traffic (around 100,000 people) trying to exit the Rose Bowl into the streets of Pasadena.  UBER riders are not only guaranteed to receive Surge Pricing, but they are also not permitted to pass the police barricades.  The last thing you want to happen after your favorite team lost the big game, is to stumble drunkenly for almost 2 miles out of the stadium worrying about connecting with your UBER driver before your phone battery dies.  Meanwhile, the BEST thing you would want to happen after your favorite team wins the big game, is to continue the fun smoothly with a Limo to the after party!  You leave the stadium, you see your Chauffeur with Angel City Limo standing by in the LA Limo lot as you pop bottles of champagne in the LA Limousine celebrating the victory while leaving the Granddaddy of them all!

Lets not forget all the other great options in SoCal to spend a day in an Los Angeles Limousine with a Chauffuer taking you to your favorite Sporting Event.  Like our good friends shooting goals in the NHL down in Orange County, with the mighty Anaheim Ducks playing at the Honda Center.  Of course with the MLB we have the Angels in the outfield, the Los Angeles Angels holding it down at Angel Stadium.  UFC stops by for big fight nights frequently between the ForumStaples Center and Honda Center.  Outside of traditional major league sports and combat sports, there are many different Horse Racing Tracks to choose from in Southern California.  Spend a day in a Los Angeles Limousine for a round trip to either the Santa Anita Park, Los Alamitos Race Course or even way south to the Del Mar Racetrack.   No matter what type of Sporting Event you plan on attending, the one thing that will remain constant is Angel City Limo always looking to improve our game.  We play hard to be the Best LA Limo Service available when it comes to offering our VIPs excellent Luxury Transportation to the next big Sporting Event.

LA Limo Reviews

“I had extra tickets to bring some clients of ours to go see the LA Dodgers play at Dodger Stadium for a typical Wednesday night game.  This was June, 18th 2014.  Going to many different Dodger Games in the past, I knew that if we were hoping to impress our clients, walking with the masses and then getting stuck in a traffic jam, worrying about drinking and driving wasn’t the way to do it.  However, we had good seats purchased and we had Angel City Limo on stand by with an LA Limo Rental to really help me make a good impression.  Once our account was open, booking a Limo in LA with Angel City is a breeze.  Our Chauffeur Alex was the best!  After getting boozed up during the Limo Ride from LAX, we were ready for the big game!  Little did I know how epic this night would turn out to be…  Kershaw’s No Hitter!  An absolute dream come true for Dodger Fans!  Our clients loved the energy at Dodger Stadium, loved the Top Notch Limo Service provided by Alex and Angel City Limo!  We closed our business deal and had a heck of a memory to go with it, we will always enjoy using ACL to help us with our Luxury Transportation to Dodger Stadium. ”

-Kevin M.

(Kevin uses Angel City Limo for Sporting Events and LAX Limos)